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Partition 1947 posterTwitter

Recently released movie Partition 1947 has apparently been banned in Pakistan. Although there is no official confirmation on it, Twitterati is abuzz with the news.

Directed by Gurinder Chadha, Partition 1947 has got mixed reviews from the critics. The movie is based on the partition of India and Pakistan.

Many people have been talking on Twitter about the movie and slamming Pakistan for banning the film. While many are criticising Pakistan for banning Partition 1947, others have been demanding the reason behind the ban.

Hashtag #BannedInPakistan is trending. The Twitterati has been slamming the neighbouring nation saying it promotes terrorism but banned a movie on partition. 

Check some of the tweets here:

Amit Pandey‏ @Breakless_Gujju: Guys this Partition 1947 has been #BannedInPakistan its shows the bad thinking of Pakistan...

Aysha Jain‏ @Ayshajain24: Definitely Partition 1947 has been Banned in Pakistan they can't even tolerate a movie #BannedInPakistan

Neha‏ @dash_crazy: No reason or excuses can be given to ban a movie like Partition 1947. #BannedInPakistan

Dipu‏ @chavdadipak165: #BannedInPakistan Partition 1947, a much good amazing film, hard to understand the reason behind the ban.

PRIYANKA‏ @priyanka_dear: Seems Pakistan isn't ready to face the truth. That's why Partition 1947 is #BannedInPakistan

VIKASH‏ @VikashG7800: Movie Partition 1947 has been #BannedInPakistan where terrorists and jihadis are nit banned there a historical movie is banned...Well Done

|| Badass Khiladi ||‏ @Akshay_Brigade: Partition 1947 is successful running in Bangladesh but it has been #BannedInPakistan . What a shame on Pak