Director Park Chan-Wook
Park Chan-WookGetty Images

Acclaimed South Korean director Park Chan-Wook's first ever BBC series has sparked interest with its trailer hinting intense espionage drama. The scintillating promo shows a sneak peak of the spy thriller with signature style and visuals uniquely followed in Park Chan-Wook's work.

"The Litter Drummer Girl" is an adaptation of the 1984 thriller based on the spy thriller novel by John Le Carre bearing the same name. Director Wook, being an ardent follower of John Le Carre's work, took a particular interest to Little Drummer Girl. This series not just marks Wook's directorial debut for BBC but also Carre's venture into TV.

The mini-series revolves around the life of Charlie, played by Florence Pugh and her relationship with a man she befriends in Greece. The love story turns into a thriller with Charlie becoming a double agent working for Isreal. The series features Alexander Skarsgard, playing the Israeli intelligent officer Becker and Michael Shannon playing the mastermind Kurtz.

The series has garnered much interest as it promises to be a double delight for fans of the acclaimed novelist and master story-teller. Director Park Chan-Wook's earlier works like "The Handmaiden", "Oldboy", "Thirst" and "Stoker", have all dealt with conflicted love and loyalty.

Amalgamating love laced thrillers being his forte, without compromising on his female characters has set expectations high for the series.

Park Chan-wook's directorial touch promises to unravel the story of the past will resonate with the current generation keeping the tense thriller intact for the duration of the series. The series is set to premiere on November 19 on BBC and AMC.