A brief panic ensued at  Paris' Gare du Nord train after passengers saw a "flash" and heard a loud explosion at the terminus station of the SNC, dubbed as the busiest railway station in Europe.

The officials temporarily shut down the services and ordered an evacuation to investigate the cause. It has now been found that a pigeon came in contact with the electrical lines resulting in the "flash" and "explosion."

Ilan Caro, a journalist with France Tv Info said on his Twitter account that the pigeon hit power line at Paris' Gare du Nord train station sparking the brief scare.

Earlier we have reported:

Multiple reports on Twitter suggest that Paris' Gare du Nord train station is being evacuated after reports of an explosion.

Twitter users said on the micro-blogging site that they saw a "flash" and followed by a loud sound of an explosion.

Paris Nord or the Gare du Nord is one of the busiest railway station in Europe and offers services to Northern France and to international destinations in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Twitter reports

Gavin Lee ‏@GavinLeeBBC

A pigeon on the #Paris Gare du Nord power line at is the cause of loud bang. It follows reports that several people heard an explosion there

milio.web.id ‏@miliowebid

Pigeon hits power line at Paris' Gare du Nord train station sparking brief scare, train operator says - @fmagnenou http://bit.ly/1WTEw7L

Court Passant â€@courtpassant  

Watching Twitter chatter about something going on at Gare du Nord Paris.

Sagar Shah ‏@SagarShah18

At Gare du Nord. Just heard a big bang. People rushing out of station.