The much-awaited final draft of the climate agreement reached in Paris has been completed and will be presented on Saturday, France announced. 

The final draft comes after two weeks of heavy political discussions over steps necessary to halt climate change. The conference, which was to close on Friday, was pushed by 16 hours to Saturday to help negotiators reach a suitable agreement.

"We have a text to present," an official in the office of Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, according to AFP.

The draft will be presented to ministers from more than 190 countries at 10:30 GMT on Saturday but the ratification will be done only after all ministers agree on the text. 

Negotiators of some countries have reportedly expressed positive signs on the agreement, The Associated Press reported. 

The climate agreement will seek to bring about the reduction of greenhouse gas emission across all countries.

India had called on the developed nations to shoulder more responsibility in fighting global warming to ensure, what it called, 'climate justice', so as to allow developing countries to grow. 

"Climate justice demands that, with the little carbon space we still have, developing countries should have enough room to grow," Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the summit. 

Indian environment minister Prakash Javadekar had said in Paris that "the deal will not succeed if rich nations do not cooperate more". 

Some of India's demands had been addressed in the earlier draft released on Thursday, especially on sustainable lifestyles, as per reports. 

It is now to be seen if India gives its nod to the climate deal draft.