A Canadian Sikh man was falsely projected as one of the terrorists responsbile for the Paris terror attacks, when his photoshopped image was posted on social media, wherein the iPad in his hand was replaced with a Quran and a suicide vest was added to his body.  

The photo-shopped image of Veerender Jubbal was posted by the Twitter handler @abualut8, who wrote, "BREAKING, one Islamic State attacker in #ParisAttacks was a Sikh convert to Islam", The Indian Express  reported.

The photoshopped image was later published by a Spanish newspaper La Razon on its first page, where Jubbal was labelled as one of the terrorists behind the deadly attacks in Paris last Friday. It apologised on Sunday for the mistake, The Guardian reported.

The Twitter account is not active anymore.

After the photo-shopped image went viral on social media, Jubbal posted the real photo with the iPad and clarified with a tweet: "Never been to Paris. Am a Sikh dude with a turban. Lives in Canada."

"I hope everyone has caught up with what is going on with me. I went viral due to a photo-shopped image claiming I am a terrorist. This image has been used, and placed on the front page of a major Spain newspaper--putting me as one of the people behind terrorist attacks," he said in a subsequent set of tweets.

"This whole thing puts me in a bad position in the sense, where I could be harmed and/or hurt due to this. This is libel from news, and TV. Well, just got a phone call from a cousin in India, and they know about it; and saw the whole thing in India Times. We might sue, I guess," he further said.

At least 129 people were killed and over 300 others injured when eight armed terrorists attacked six locations in Paris, including restaurants and cafes.