The perpetrators of the 13 November, 2015, Paris attacks used at least three safe houses in Belgium before the strikes on the French capital, which killed 130 people, investigators said on Wednesday. 

Two apartments and a house have been found with DNA of suicide bomber Bilal Hadfi and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, believed to be one of the leaders of the Isis attack on Paris. 

One apartment in Brussels and one in Charleroi were rented in early September and a house in Auvelais, almost 60 km from Brussels was rented in early October. All the houses were rented for a year and were paid for with cash. 

The attackers had provided false identification documents. 

The Charleroi apartment had fingerprints of Hadfi and Abaaoud, who was killed in a raid on 18 November in St Denis, near Paris. 

The apartment also had multiple matresses, as did the Auvelais house, Reuters quoted the investigators as saying.

The vehicles — a Seat Leon hatchback and a BMW — used for the Paris attacks had stopped at the safe houses, the investigators said in a statement. 

Belgium has continued investigations on the attackers, who were holed up in the country before travelling to Paris to wreak havoc. Investigators have conducted raids all across the country, making numerous arrests in relation to the large-scale coordinated terror attacks on Paris.