Parineeti Chopra is the new cover girl of the February issue of the fashion magazine, Vogue India.

The talented actress well known for her chatter box demeanor put up a stylish avatar for the magazine's edition this month. Parineeti looks a million-dollar, as she posed confidently in a gorgeous floor length silver gown.

In a behind the scenes video released by Vogue India, the bubbly actress revealed her initial disgust for Bollywood, which she considered “all floss” and no intelligence. Parineeti referred to her famous cousin Priyanka Chopra as a “superstar” and said that her journey from banking to Bollywood happened by chance.

“Acting was something I never even thought of, even though I have a superstar in my house… I always wanted to be a banker…but destiny played its role… I came to India and joined Yash Raj Films and everything just changed from there,” said the actress.

The 25-year-old, who has often struggled with her weight, has at times been panned for her mundane dressing sense. However, she has now candidly revealed that fashion meant ‘nothing’ to her, “I don’t enjoy Fashion. I am not a fashionable person and clothes don’t interest me.”

In another video titled “Note to Self,” Parineeti is seen contemplating her appearance of the coveted magazine’s cover as she advises herself to put on the serious look since she feels, “Kate Moss doesn’t ever smile on her covers. As far as I can tell, looking grumpy is what is needed to give fashion credibility.”