Pari review
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Well-made horror-thriller film. It is scary and will spook you till the end. Worth a watch! All the performances are phenomenal.

Director: Prosit Roy

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakraborty


Based in Kolkata, Arnab's (Parambrata Chatterjee) family is involved in an accident on a rainy day. Arnab's father ends up killing a Muslim woman, who turns out to be Rukhsana's (Anushka Sharma) mother.

The case is dismissed as suicide but Arnab decides to help Rukhsana out of guilt. And here enters Rajat Kapoor whose aim in the film is to kill Rukhsana.

No, it's not that cliché reincarnation or ugly ghostly romantic stories or possessed characters. The film, in fact, looks at various elements like rain, darkness, blood, woods, eerie silence and a few gory details that make a horror film.

Do watch the film, based on some events in Bangladesh (no spoilers ahead), to know why Anushka Sharma is called Pari and who kills whom.


Anushka Sharma is "horrific" (terrific) in the film. I couldn't have imagined anyone else playing this role. Her acting has various shades — romance, passion, the scared shy girl and the devil.

Parambrata Chatterjee, who plays Anushka's love-interest, is brilliant and they can go down as one of the fresher pairs in Bollywood with their chemistry. His simple act will win your heart because he excels in every frame.

Rajat Kapoor as an antagonist in Pari will blow your mind. The scene where he takes his fake eyeballs out will send chills down your spine. The way he chants Quranic verses will engage you every time.

Ritabhari Chakraborty, who is engaged to Parambrata's character in the film, is a nice and simple girl. She plays a nurse and fits the bill perfectly.


The background score of a horror film is the most important factor, and its use in Pari will make you jump out of the seat or scream!

The direction by first-timer Prosit Roy is excellent. The make-up used on Anushka Sharma and the supporting cast is believable. The film does not have cliched or poor VFX effects but plays more with normal events, like a door opening or a TV in the background.

Let's not forget the one song in the film — "Meri Khamoshi Hai" — which shows Anushka Sharma falling in love with Parambrata. It will touch your heart.

The pre-interval scene is scary and the director continues to scare in the second half.

And finally, Anushka Sharma's nail-cutting session will haunt a lot of people!


Only two things: the length of the film and the climax.

Pari could easily have been 15-20 minutes shorter. As for the climax, I seriously expected that this film would be different and not end on a happy' note, like most horror films do as good wins over evil.

But Pari's climax is bizarre. It just ruins the strong plot.

Also, Piyali's (Ritabhari Chakraborty) story is left unresolved, which is annoying.


A well-made horror-thriller film. It is scary and will spook you till the end. Worth a watch! All the performances are phenomenal.