The sixth instalment in the low-budget "Paranormal Activity" horror series titled "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" was said to be the final movie in the franchise that would answer all the questions emphasised in previous movies.

However, it seems that instead of delivering a satisfying conclusion to the story, "Ghost Dimension" hurriedly wrapped up all the events and came up with a clumsy, vague and frustrating end that had nothing to do with once original and intriguing movie series.

The first film in the series, "Paranormal Activity," was released in 2009. "Ghost Dimension" is closely related to the third movie and the elements are borrowed from it too.

The story of the movie follows Ryan Fleege (Chris J. Murray), his wife Emily (Brit Shaw) and their daughter Leila (Ivy George). Ryan and his brother Mike (Dan Gill) search for a new home. When they find one, they discover a box that has an old video camera in it with a collection of VHS tapes.

When they play the tapes, they find that it has scenes from the third movie. While checking out the tapes, they notice Leila is behaving strangely. She seems to be talking with an unseen person, Toby, who also appeared in previous movies. Besides, she starts to bury rosaries and burn copies of the Bible.

The Fleege family starts to use the video camera for themselves. However, soon they realise paranormal phenomena occurring in the house like Christmas decorations getting trashed and fairy lights switching on and off by themselves.

The video recorded in the camera predicts the family's future and it seems that Leila can interact with the camera.

Like the previous movies, "Ghost Dimension" is a found-footage supernatural horror movie having the iconic retro, glitch theme of the original "Paranormal Activity" movie.

Gregory Plotkin made his directorial debut with the movie. Though he has tried his best, the movie fails to bring back the charm of the original one and falls into the category of another commercially-oriented film that cashes in on the franchise's name.

Besides, the Fleege family members act clumsily and, at times, it seems they are strangers to each other. Hence, they fail to interact properly with the audience resultingin viewer disinterest.