Pappya Gaikwad
Pappya Gaikwad

The internet is drenched with fashion, lifestyle influencers in western countries, and now India is too coming in the same list. You might be following influencer from western countries a few years back but soon as emerge of the internet has also given much top-class lifestyle and fashion influencers in India too.

As we all know, Maharashtra is known for its standard style, and if you belong from there, then you must have some different Marathi form in you. It is good to see now India too are providing world-class lifestyle, fashion influencers. One we know in recent time who is Buzzing high in Southern part of India, Maharashtra and many parts of India. He is known as style guru on Instagram "Pappya Gaikwad".

To differentiate himself and his brands, Pappya Gaikwad always posts stylist post and editing on his social media accounts. He discusses his fashion, travel as well as topics such as photography, editing, and self-confidence.

You can take Pappya Gaikwad in many categories celebrity, content creator, fashion and photography. You can also call Pappya Gaikwad a micro-influencer because he interacts with his fans daily. Because of this, more brands are coming to him.

He was an everyday influencer in the starting, but his bar is raised, and now he comes in celebrity status as he has a fan following of a whopping 1.4 million followers. He is primarily known for his photography and editing's which has given him a humongous fan following in two years. Pappya doesn't go-to brands. Companies come to him and convince him that their brand is suitable for his fans.

He is a special boy from Lonavala, who has made his name worldwide, and his stature is growing more and more on Instagram and Facebook. Looking at his progress, we might see him in movies in a short time. It would be a win-win case for movie-makers, and Pappya Gaikwad as his fan following make movie super-hit in one day.

It will be interesting to see how he takes himself from here, as his name has become brand his fans will watch every step he takes in his life. Well, we know that whatever he will do in his life will be an inspiration for many.

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