Facebook Down
Facebook DownScreenshot/Facebook

When FaceBook is away Twitter will play!

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms with 1.23 billion monthly users, had been hit with some technical issues at 11.10 pm EDT on 1 August 2014. The issue lasted for about 20 minutes on the main site and longer on the mobile apps.

The Facebook users who tried to login to their accounts received the message "Sorry, something went wrong," on their screens. This lead to an increase in traffic for Twitter as many of the frustrated users tweeted about #facebookdown.

The most interesting part of the incident is that some of the frustrated Facebook users from Los Angeles did not forget to call Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, American law enforcement agency, to complain about Facebook going down.

Due to the increasing number of calls to the department, Sgt. Burton Brink from the L.A County Sheriff's Department had to post a request on Twitter asking people not to call the police for issues related to Facebook.

As always, many in the Internet community had some sarcastic and witty take on the whole #FacebookDown fiasco.

And finally, to everyone stressing over the Facebook issue, this Australian had one advice: