Pandigai Review
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Kreshna and Anandhi have teamed up for Pandigai, which marks the directorial debut of Feroz. It is an action-thriller made with a moderate budget in which Nithin Sathya, Karunas, Saravanan, Pandi, Madhusudhan Rao and others are in the cast. It has RH Vikram's music, Aravind's cinematography and Prabaahar's editing.

Kreshna plays the role of a waiter in a star hotel. He has gone through a lot of stress since his childhood and his only dream is to work in a foreign country that gives him a peaceful life. He meets a gambler Muni (Saravanan), whose betting habit costs him all his money and wife.

Muni is aware of Velu's fighting skills and wants him to utilise it to make money by participating in illegal wrestling controlled by an underworld don Natwar Dada (Madhu Soodhanan). The story takes a twist when their lives look like a bed of roses and what follows next should be seen on-screen.

The audience has given a thumbs-up for Pandigai. The brilliant performances of Kreshna and supporting artists have been lauded by the viewers. The well-written script backed by the action sequences are the major highlights of the Tamil film:

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏: #Pandigai interval - Easily @Actor_Krishna s best !! Brother @feroz_film - U r a craftsman !! Semma !

Kasturi Shankar: no. If bad movie, I will stay silent. Good movie, I will appreciate. #pandigai is a BRILLIANT movie, very tight script, great action.

Gaurav Narayanan‏: #Pandigai movie very well made and @feroz_film didn't deviate from the story. Hats off to the entire team. God bless for a greater success.

Kaushik LM: #Pandigai 2nd half - Gets into the heist thriller zone with some dark comedy. Heavy action dose in the end. @feroz_film makes a decent debut
#Pandigai - Husband wife pair @feroz_film @vgyalakshmi form a good Dir - Prod partnership. Underground fighting - gambling - heist thriller

Ramesh Bala: #Pandigai: Fine supporting cast.. #Saravanan and others.. Excellent BGM by @rhvikram - Stunt choreography

AnnamalaiSP: Watched #pandigai premier show @sathyam_cinemas ...i really enjoyed the flim..bgm vera level..sure entertainer

Sreedhar Pillai: Enjoyed #Pandigai, nice twists & turns riveting interval block, neat making by #Feroz. Well done @Actor_Krishna

AnnamalaiSP‏: Watched #pandigai premier show @sathyam_cinemas ...i really enjoyed the flim..bgm vera level..sure entertainer

Surendhar MK: Liked #Pandigai. A mostly neo-noir actioner which is quite compelling to watch. Terrific stunt choreography. Good job from @Actor_Krishna.