Lumix GX85
Lumix GX85Panasonic Media Kit

The latest camera likely to excite photography enthusiasts is being released from Panasonic's stables, and it packs some interesting features into a relatively tiny body. The Lumix GX85 features a 16 MP sensor and, much like its older brother, the GH4, it shoots 4K video too.

The 16 MP sensor, according to Panasonic, does away with the optical low pass filter or the anti-aliasing filter, which results in a cleaner image. The camera also features a 5-axis image stabilisation system, which can work in tandem with lenses that feature image stabilisation, resulting in "blur-free photo/video shooting from wide to tele, even in low light situations [sic]".

The camera has a fast auto focus (AF), which according to Panasonic, has a response time of 0.07 seconds and can shoot slow motion video at up to 240 frames per second (fps). The AF system features 49 AF points and can capture up to 8 frames a second in burst mode.

Panasonic has also included an interesting feature in the GX85, which they call Post Focus. Essentially, this feature allows users to shoot their images now and worry about focusing later.

Panasonic explains that the feature ties into the camera's ability to record 4K video. The camera shoots a short video of the scene at 30fps and detects up to 49 points of focus in the scene and focuses accordingly. The camera then processes the image and enables users to select the portion of the image they want in sharp focus.

Like most cameras being launched today, the GX85 is equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC functionalities. It carries a U.S. price tag of $800 and comes bundled with 12-32mm kit lens.