Palvi Virmani

Palvi Virmani's latest release, Pachtawenga is as different as can be from most of her songs so far. A melancholy song, it will remind you of lost love and loved ones. Her singing is sure to bring a tear to your eye and make you think of all the regrets you have accumulated in the course of your life.

The video, directed by Suraj Sehwal, features a young couple that just can't seem to get their harmony right. It shows the tale of love lost, portrayed by Amardeep Phogat as the neglectful husband, and the Aanchal Munjal as the ignored wife.

Her singing is full of emotion, and the melody, composed by D Sanz, touching, and you will wish you could help Aanchal as she struggles to live with the pain of the unrequited love she has for her uncaring husband.

But, as she promised with her voice, not to mention the sher she recites just before the song, he comes to regret his disregard, as his wife gathers the gumption to pack up her things and leave him, knowing she deserves better. Her departure makes the spirit behind the song ring true as he is instantly filled with regret on seeing her leave. He realizes the importance she had in his life, but alas, he learns his lesson too late.

As they say, you don't know what you had until it is gone; Pachtawenga, and her rendition of this number, embodies this aphorism. It will remind you to treasure the important things and people in your life and keep your loved ones close.

She has done justice to the lyrics, penned by M. Ravi, and music by D-Sanz. With Pachtawenga, and with her previous number Bulleya, which was much-appreciated by listeners, she has really proven her versatility as a singer. She can have you on your feet dancing your heart out with songs like Kaala Mascara, or touch the depths of your soul crying your heart out with songs.

The song is produced by Dheeraj Virmani under the Platear Studios label and can be heard on YouTube (also where you can watch the video) or on any music streaming platform. Casting has been done by Dinesh Soi's firm Team DS Creations™️.

Pachtawenga is the kind of meaningful and expressive song fans have come to expect from her, and she has fulfilled those expectations!