Palakkattu Madhavan
"Palakkattu Madhavan"Facebook/ Vivekh

Tamil movie "Palakkattu Madhvan" has opened to mixed reviews. The film, which stars Vivekh in the lead, has been described as a slapstick comedy that has been badly executed. 

Directed by M Chandramohan, the film is said to have a good storyline but fails to connect to the audience because of its inherent loopholes. 

A positive aspect of the movie is said to be the performance of comedian Vivekh, who carries the entire movie on his shoulders. The actor, according to reviewers, plays his character with clarity and maturity, but the rest of the actors are a big let down.

The film has few 'scene-stealers', courtesy Vivekh but many 'unwanted scenes', say critics.

Here are the reviews of "Palakkattu Madhavan" by critics:

Bangalore Mirror

It looks like due focus hasn't been laid on the screenplay as a result of which the film doesn't appear to be a comedy riot though the script has the trappings of the same. Even the scenes of humour in which Vivekh comes up with his brand of one-liners do not exactly create a flutter and hence the film doesn't live up to its expectations! There are, of course, a few scene-stealers wherein Vivekh walks away with the honours but then those are only a few while the others, prove to be a far cry.

Vivekh tries to appeal to all those who disrespect and even disown elders in their families owing to their advanced age but it appears half-hearted and doesn't appear strong enough to make an impact. The closing portions too, stand as a pointer in that direction but haven't been effectively mounted and executed.


Direction and screenplay by M Chandramohan is not out of the ordinary but manages to keep you hooked for most part of the film, especially in the second half. Director's efforts to pass on a social message through his movie are praiseworthy but it also appears clichéd. Editor K Rajagopal could've used his scissors in a more convincing fashion as Palakkattu Madhavan suffers from a lot of unwanted scenes.

Cinematography by KS Selvaraj is below par. The only positive in the technical department comes from music director Srikanth Deva. His background score supports the scenes played on screen and has also produced a couple of foot-tapping songs.


Performance wise, Vivekh single-handedly carries the film on his shoulders while all other actors are stereotypical and loud. The production value of the film looks extremely low that the producers have not invested much except for the foreign song. The color tone and production design give the feel of watching a Tamil TV serial.

Director Chandramohan's idea is definitely interesting but he falls short in execution, a little bit of effort in writing and some extra push from the producers would have been helpful!