Humaima Malick
Pakistani actress Humaima Malick who has worked in Bollywood movies like Raja Natwarlal and Bol.Instagram

Pakistani actress Humaima Malick has accused The Nishat Hotel, Pakistan's award winning luxury boutique hotel located in Gulberg and Johar Town, Lahore, of deliberatly breaching her privacy and trust by sharing her personal information like her hotel room no. with other guests staying at their hotel.

She narrated her ordeal in an Instagram post about the inconvenience caused to her by hotel management and how they ignored her concerns and refused to help despite multiple complaints. She even shared screenshots of her WhatsApp chat to let her fans know about the harassment she had to face after people slid their business cards under her room's door.

Humaima specifically named Mr Talha and Mr lmran of Nishat management to be held responsible for what she had to endure at the hotel. She also accused the hotel management of posting her pictures on their Instagram page without her consent to get some free publicity.

Read her entire post here:

"I feel not enough people talk about this hence not a lot of people take it seriously. I wouldn't say it's easy for people to respect women in other professional fields (medicine, engineering, education etc) but I do believe that it's easier for people to accept and hence respect women who are, let's say, not in the entertainment industry. I find it disturbing because after almost a century of fighting for equality, the respect if not equality is blatantly selective. I would speak for myself but I'm sure a lot of my colleagues from the industry would agree.

I can't emphasize this enough as the number of times actresses, models, singers and performers are made the subjects of harassment. I can't even keep count of the number of times business cards of men that I do not know have been slipped under the door of my hotel rooms at various well known and supposedly safe hotels.

Nishat hotel in Lahore catering to certain class of people has been especially unsuccessful in this regard. Despite my constant complaining of unwanted attention and inappropriate probing for business, the hotel management Talha amd Mr Ali Imran has been indifferent towards it all. I'd like to emphasize it again and again that unless explicitly shown and expressed, interest should not be assumed. And please just because a woman is from the entertainment business does not, DOES NOT mean she is looking for your 'business' cards to be slid under her door.

Nishat Hotel has been negligent and deliberately involved in breaching my privacy and trust by sharing my personal information with another guest staying at their hotel. Nishat hotel ignored my concerns of being harassed by another hotel guest to whom they had deliberately passed on my information and failed to take any action or make me feel safe and secure at their establishment. Their lack of action goes to show just how lax their standards for hospitality and a guests privacy and security are.

Nishat management namely Mr Talha and Mr lmran are to be held responsible for what I had to endure. Nishat as an institution and a so called benchmark for hospitality should be ashamed and embarrassed. Perfect example of placing unqualified and unprofessional people at the heart of their business of facing and dealing with their respected guests."

Humaima Malick
Humaima Malick at The Nishat HotelScreenshot

Humaima Malick has worked in two Bollywood movies - Raja Natwarlal and Bol and a couple of Pakistani romantic films like Arth - The Destination, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say and Mission Allahu Akbar.