In the fast changing world of geo-politics, Pakistan has expressed interest in acquiring Russian Electronic Warfare technology.

As part of the enhanced defence cooperation between Pakistan and Russia, Mohammed Masoud, project general director of National Radio and Telecom Corporation (NRTC), revealed Pakistan's interest in buying the military hardware, Russian daily Izvestiya reported on Monday at the recently concluded Army 2016, a Russian military expo.

Masoud said his country wanted to "fill the existing void" and was interested in "surveillance systems, high-protection PCs and laptops, GPS and drone signal jammers, equipment for radio reconnaissance and control, covert information-gathering systems."

The defence co-operation between the two countries progressed ever since Pakistan signed a bilateral defence cooperation agreement in 2014.

In January 2016, reports emerged that Pakistan and Russia were to hold their first major joint military drills in mountainous terrain. The Pakistani Army and Russian ground forces were to conduct special drills in Russia.

There has been increased military co-operation between the two countries. Russia has agreed to sell four Mi-35 Hind E attack helicopters to Pakistan.

Russia is a close ally and all-weather friend of India, and the recent moves are bound to raise eyebrows in India. However, it might not impact the relationship between the two countries.