Sheikh Rashid
Pakistan railway minister, Sheikh Rashid posted an inflammatory message on Twitter warning India off dire consequences if the former is attackedTwitter

Pakistan railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has threatened to blind India and give a befetting reply if a war happens. Ahmad also said that if India dares to attack, Pakistan will ensure that bells stop ringing across the temples and the birds stop chirping in the neighbouring country.

"If India looks at us with suspicion, we will take their eyes out. And if it attacks us, we will give them such a response that the bells will stop ringing in their temples and the birds will stop chirping," Sheikh Rashid said in a video message that went viral.

Pakistan's railway minister's message to India comes 24 hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of a retaliation.

"The 20 crore population of Pakistan is behind its PM Imran Khan who has warned India of dire consequences. We are a peace loving nation but if a war is imposed on us, we will give a befetting reply. We are not wearing bangles. We know how to respond," Sheikh Rashid added.

Watch the video message here:

Twitter reacts strongly: Meanwhile, Twitterites reacted strongly to the Ahmad's comment terming it a clear case of war mongering while other posting about India's military might, which will show Pakistan its place.