Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reportedly 'escaped an attack' on Sunday night after a 'suspicious' car approached his convoy, which was en route to Islamabad. 

According to initial reports, a car tried to overtake the Pakistan PM's convoy and hit his car. 

The car also reportedly had a fake number plate, the media had said initially. 

However, Radio Pakistan soon reported that the incident was not an attack on PM Nawaz Sharif, and that an retired air commodore of the Pakistan Air Force had tried to overtake the convoy 'mistakenly', citing the Interior Ministry. 

Sharif was travelling with his family to the capital city of Islamabad on Sunday night when the incident occurred, triggering media reports across the world of a possible attack on the Pakistani prime minister . 

"An unknown vehicle came closer to Prime Minister's car after crossing other vehicles of the Prime Minister's convoy when he was returning to Islamabad. The security vehicles escorting the Prime Minister blocked the way of the suspicious vehicle and other cars in the convoy narrowly escaped an accident due to the breach of security," a senior government official told AFP.

The former Pakistan Air Force officer has been taken into custody. 

Pakistan is on alert for terror attacks, not only from the Taliban or Isis, but also from the Sunni-extremist organisation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, whose leader Malik Ishaq was recently killed in a police encounter.