In an indistinct chatter on messaging apps about coronavirus, it was reported that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tested positive for Covid-19. Shortly after the news erupted about Pakistan leader testing positive for the deadly virus, which has affected several world leaders and other influential people including UK PM Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, and others, the report was squashed thanks to PM Imran Khan's appearance on live TV.

International Business Times, India, was able to verify PM Imran Khan's appearance on live TV news channel where he discussed the current Covid-19 crisis with senior journalists. Various channels, including GeoTV, PTV News, and 24 News, streamed the prime minister's address on how to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Imran Khan on live TV
Imran Khan on live TVYouTube screengrab
Imran Khan on live TV
Imran Khan on live TVYouTube screengrab

How Pakistan is fighting coronavirus?

Pakistan, like many countries around the world, is under a lockdown - with the exceptions for essential services. Pakistan's government also opened its borders to accept Chinese medical supplies to fight the viral infection, which has affected 1,235 people and claimed 9 lives. The PM also announced that a special youth force will be set up by taking volunteers from across the country to sign up starting March 31. The aim of the "coronavirus relief tigers" is to send essential supplies to doorsteps in an event when the coronavirus outbreak goes out of hand.

Imran khan
Pakistan PM Imran KhanReuters

PM Imran Khan also started a relief fund, which will be used to help the daily wagers and those in need. The prime minister also urged Pakistan citizens in foreign countries to deposit their money in a newly-setup account to boost the country's economy.

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Pakistan PM tests positive for Covid-19

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