Ink attack victim Sudheendra Kulkarni,  chairman of Observer Research Foundation, will attend former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri's Pakistan book launch in Karachi on 2 November, said reports.

Some members of the Shiv Sena had sprayed black paint on the ORF chairman for organising the launch of the same book, "Neither a Hawk nor a Dove", in Mumbai for its India launch a few weeks ago.

During the Tata Literature Live festival in Mumbai on Thursday, Kulkarni revealed that he will attend the Karachi book launch next week. Some prominent Indians and Pakistanis will also attend the event.

"I thank Mr Kasuri for inviting me to participate in the function to launch his book 'Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove' in Karachi on November 2. His book is a major contribution to the India-Pakistan peace process, since it provides a detailed narration on the large degree of consensus reached between the previous governments in New Delhi and Islamabad on resolving the vexed Kashmir issue," PTI quoted him as saying.

Kulkarni will also participate in a seminar on Pakistan-India relations, organised by Karachi Council on Foreign Relations, on 3 November.

"Both Indians and Pakistanis need to revisit the complex history of Partition with an open mind and learn from the costly mistakes committed in the past," he said.

"We should forge a new path of reconciliation through dialogue in which there is no place for wars and violent border conflicts, no place for terrorism and religious bigotry, no place for majoritarianism and denial of minority rights in either country, and no place at all for an artificial wall dividing the people of our two countries who are proud inheritors of a rich and common civilisation," Kulkarni added.