Pakistani food authorities have reportedly seized meat suspected to be pork in a crackdown in Lahore city on Wednesday, following a tip-off that pig fat was being used to make ice-cream, local media reported. 

As Pakistan is an Islamic country, sale or consumption of pork is illegal, as the religion forbids it. 

The raid was conducted close to Lahore railway station after the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) was alerted that pork was being sold under the pretext that it was mutton, the Dawn reported. 

The authorities were also told that pig fat was being used in ice-creams, the newspaper reported. 

One person was arrested in the Lahore raid and about 80 kg of the meat was seized.

"The supply has been seized and samples are sent to laboratory for a test to determine whether it is actually 'pork' or some other form of substandard meat," PFA head Ayesha Mumtaz was quoted as saying.

"It is being supplied to Lahore and then it is further sent to chains and restaurants where edible food is prepared," Mumtaz told Pakistan's Geo News.