pakistan fishing terror boat
DIG BK Loshali claimed that his orders led to the blowing up of the Pakistani vessel on New Year's Eve.IANS

Was it a case of brain fade? Having rocked the boat by claiming that it was his orders which led to the blowing up of the Pakistani vessel on New Year's Eve, coast guard DIG BK Loshali committed back-to-back acts of indiscretion by adding that he would not serve biryani to the enemy.

Did it just slip his mind that he was addressing a public gathering at an official event in Surat? Was he not prudent enough to realise that his words would come back to bite him?

Irrespective of what happened that night (31 December 2014), surely having been on this earth long enough, he would be expected to have a fair idea of what needs to be kept under wraps in a scenario like this.

What has followed is criticism pouring in from all corners - Congress and AAP at the national level, and Pakistan's defence minister Khawaja Asif from across the border.

Other officials accusing him of being under the influence is probably something that cannot exactly be taken with a pinch of salt.

Having said that, this not the first time that the much-loved biryani has managed to find its way in Indo-Pak affairs.

Prior to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi had hit out at the UPA government's foreign policy after the beheading of an Indian jawan at the border.

"The heads of our soldiers are cut but then their (Pakistan's) Prime Minister is fed chicken biryani," he had said last year.

Was Loshali's biryani jibe an effort at appeasing PM Modi? If so, then it has just ended up rubbing many people the wrong way.