A wave of anger sweeps across Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) Gilgit Baltistan as thousands of protesters throng the streets against the Pakistan Government and the army. Since the last four days, the people are protesting against the atrocities of the Pakistan administration demanding the release of political activists like Baba Jan and others detained 

The vales of Hunza echoed with voices of women, men and children raising slogans of - Ye jo dehshatgardi hain, uske peechhe vardi hain (Administration/ uniform is behind the violation). 

Gilgit Baltistan Protests

According to the people the political activists have been falsely implicated and have been awarded rigorous punishment. The Pakistan administration launched a crackdown against the political activists, dissenting political leaders and anybody who hasn't fallen in line with the arbitrary orders of the government.

The protesters were seen carrying a picture of Baba Jan and shouting slogans dissenting the 90 years imprisonment.  They have also asked the government to release Baba Jan and other activists before the scheduled elections in the region.

We will have to come together & rise, they will kill us all

Gilgit Baltistan Protests

According to Amzad Hussain, a local political leader from the region said that the government of Pakistan had been exposed at the global forum for its increasingly authoritarian attitude and it was now using all tactics to muzzle the voice of the people, as per ANI reports.

"A number of our brothers are languishing in jail for years. Everybody knows about them. Even the United Nations has mentioned them in its report on the region. The UN Human Rights Commission report has its mention. They all know the atrocities being meted upon brothers of Gilgit Baltistan." Said Amzad.

Another local said, "The Bureaucrats come from Punjab and suppress people after targeting them. Trade in the area has suffered massively. Small businessmen have been deeply affected. Truly hard working people of the region are living in the state of abject poverty. We will have to come together and rise, else, slowly but certainly, they will kill us all. We will have to brace ourselves for the future."

In the past, anybody who dares to raise their voice against the Govt has faced torture and imprisonment.