Pornhub launches its own bug bounty programme with rewards up to $25,000
Pornhub launches its own bug bounty programme with rewards up to $25,000Reuters

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Raipur's website was hacked and defaced Saturday by Pakistani hacker Amir Muzaffar a.k.a Kashmiri Cheetah, reports said Monday. While the website was fixed by Sunday morning, the hacker says the website is still vulnerable.

The defaced website carried the message: "Website stamped by Kashmiri Cheetah, Team: Pak Cyber Attackers. We are unbeatable. Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest."

"All government sites are on our target and we search sites with '.nic or' keywords, and once we find a security lapse, you know what happens. Administrators of government websites are sloppy and rely blindly on white hat hackers whose job is to simply alert them about where the bugs are. They should not forget that there are black hat hackers too who also know where the bugs are and how to spread them to shut the sites down," Muzaffar told the Times of India.

The hacker also said that the AIIMS Raipur site has been redirected to a mirror site and is still vulnerable. White hat hacker Mohit Sahu confirmed that the AIIMS Raipur site was still vulnerable. Sahu added that the Pakistani group had hacked emails of government officials, as claimed by Muzaffar on his Facebook account. 

The cyber attacks are "for fake fame and a fake Cyber name, otherwise I love India," Muzaffar, who lives in Kashmir, Pakistan, said.

Muzaffar also said that his team, Pak Cyber Attackers, can destroy government records, but that's not in their "ethics."

Last year, the group had attacked 24 government and academic institutes' websites. Indian hackers in return had hacked around 250 Pakistani websites. The attack was meant to ridicule Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India week, according to the TOI.