Congress leader Shashi Tharoor's known for his complex English which is a  phenomenon that everyone talks about. The leader's "exasperated farrago" of words such as 'Sesquipedalian', 'Perspecacity', 'Gonzo' has left many baffled. 

A Pakistani comedian Akbar Chaudry recently made a hilarious video on how to speak English with Tharoorian perfection and the netizens couldn't get enough of the concoction of Tharoorian English.

shashi tharoor

"Next one on Imran Khan please?": Tharoor reacts 

The video begins with the Pakistani comedian putting an Oxford dictionary in a blender and making a smoothie, then shows himself on a drip with the label of the same dictionary and finally acting to make a powder of the dictionary and snort it like drugs.

When all of this is done, Chaudary plays audio of Tharoor's speech and lip-syncs as if he is the one speaking. 

The video not just left the netizens in splits, Tharoor also lauded the comedian and even reacted to the video saying, "Next one on Imran Khan please?"