P Susheela
P Susheela death hoax.PR Handout

The fans of legendary singer P Susheela were in a state of shock on Friday morning, November 3, when they learnt she passed away. Many of her admirers expressed their condolence messages and grieved her death only to later realise that it was a hoax.

Rumours claiming that Susheela passed away on Thursday evening went viral. Riaz K Ahmed, a celebrity relations official, clarified that the reports are false and she was fine. "#PSuseela Amma is hale & healthy, presently in Dallas city, USA. Kindly don't believe in rumours, [sic]" he tweeted.

Later, P Susheela herself came out with a video to clarify that she was alive. The singer stated that she was staying with her family in the US and doing well.

The singer will be coming back to India on Saturday, November 4.

P Susheela is a well-known singer whose popularity is beyond borders. She has sung in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Sanskrit, Tulu, Badaga and many others languages.

In over six decades, P Susheela has recorded over 40,000 songs in multiple languages for which she won numerous awards that include prestigious National Awards and state government awards.

Celebrities have been prone to death hoax in the recent years. Many well-known people from the glamour world have fallen victims to such fake reports.