Aamir Khan (Varinder Chawla)
Aamir KhanVarinder Chawla

Aamir Khan who is known to get under the skin of the character that he portrays in his films, has gone a step ahead this time with his unique character in Rajkumar Hirani's upcoming film, "P.K".

The satirical flick had a few scenes where the "Dhoom 3" actor needed to speak in Bhojpuri. During the shoots for the scenes, the actor mugged the lines and delivered his Bhojpuri dialogues. But while doing so, Khan developed a liking towards the new language and immediately decided to learn the language properly soon after wrapping up the film shoot.

"When he was shooting for the film, Aamir simply learnt his lines and rattled them off. But he took a shine to the language and decided that when he had the time, he would learn Bhojpuri properly." a source told The Times of India.

The perfectionist has apparently appointed a tutor who is giving him Bhojpuri lessons at home. Khan is now heard speaking in the language with everyone around him including his family members, staff, friends, colleagues and even guests who drop to meet him.

"He will order tea in Bhojpuri, suddenly break into the language in the middle of a conversation and sees you off with a 'Phir milab'," said the source.

Incidently, the perfectionist had made a birthday resolution a couple of years back, to learn at least something new every year and learning Bhojpuri has come as a part of the resolution.

Earlier, Khan learnt swimming and had even shot some underwater sequences for his 2012 release "Talaash". The "Ghajini" actor had also mastered Marathi, which was also part of his resolution.

"He had not been allowed to step into a pool as a child because his mother was terrified that he might drown. Years later, he not only learnt swimming, but even dived underwater when filming Talaash," the source added.

"P.K." is produced under the banner Vinod Chopra productions and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures. In the movie, Khan plays the role of an extraterrestrial creature who lands on Earth and puts on several avatars in order to survive on the planet. Apparently, the 48-year-old will play a dual role, as an alien and God.

The film also stars Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjay Dutt as main characters and is set to release worldwide on 19 December 2014.