"Overwatch" is the newest first-person shooter video game from developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment, released on May 24. The game has also gone live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Reports suggest several players faced issues with the game and Blizzard has answered some of the question put forward by Gameranx, a gaming blog.

The "No License Found" error was found to be a problem for several players, and is said to be related to Intel-integrated graphics and the Discord app. Some of the issues can be solved by shutting down the background processes, and updating graphics or sound drivers to the current versions.

PC crashes and fixes for some

Some players have reported facing several issues, many of which have fixes. Here are some of the details:

  • Background apps: Turn off background programs or overlays like Discord. Players will also have to turn off all third-party or background programs before launching "Overwatch" or they can use Selective Startup.
  • Malware / Antivirus: Malware or antivirus software may cause crashes, so players need to use reliable antivirus software and see their firewalls are not affecting the game. Players may also turn off all antivirus software running in the background if the problem persists.
  • High latency: Some programs like KillerNic, Hamachi VPN, ASUS GameFirst III / IV, REALTek, LAN Optimizer and Gigabyte can create issues like slowing the connection or might cause longer load times. Turn off or uninstall all proxies, VPN or network optimisers to improve latency.
  • Intel / Switchable Graphics Drivers: Players must make sure that the graphics card rig they are using is up to date — especially the Intel graphics card.
  • Overclocked BIOS: Players are advised against altering BIOS settings and memory clock, which must be in default mode.
  • No compatible graphics hardware was found: This occurs when players are unable to meet Blizzard's minimum system requirement for "Overwatch."
  • Sound from only one speaker: Some headphones use software to simulate surround sound, so it is advisable to disable any additional or supplemental audio applications connected to your headphones, or updating drivers for your audio device.