It might take a while before we hear more regarding "Overlord" Season 2, an anime series based on the light novel of same name. As the production company, Studio Madhouse, has not yet declared the cancellation of the show, Season 2 is still a possibility.

Also, fans are positive that there will be a next season as the "Overlord" light novels written by Kugane Maruyama has enough material to build up for a second season.

There have been nine volumes of the "Overlord" light novels since July 2012 and an ongoing Manga adaptation is also in production since 2014. The latest volume was released in June 2015. However, the story is yet to be concluded and might be completed in one of the upcoming volumes.

As reported by Anime News Network, Yen Press has confirmed to release an English translation of both "Overlord" light novels and manga in the spring or summer 2016.

The success of light novels has been overwhelming and encouraged Madhouse to continue production of "Overlord" Season 2.

Niji-Iro has stated that the airing of the "Overlord" anime has caused sales to go from 600,000 copies to over two million copies by September 2015.

On hearing the news, Maruyama sent the following message to all the "Overlord" fans:

"When I started to write 'Overlord,' I had never thought that this will ever happen. Even now, I still wonder if that moment was a lie. I was even searching for a 'but' in this news. It was really a surprising number, although I am not sure what to say.

"For many of those who kindly bought this series with expectations, I will work hard towards thinking the interest of 'Overlord' in the future too. Anyway, please anticipate volume 10.

"Finally, for those who have read 'Overlord,' those who have watched its anime, and all those who have supported Overlord, I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Really, thank you very much. Although there are still a little bit left in the anime, but please stay with us till the very end."

With a new video game based on the manga, it seems that the franchise is expanding significantly, hence giving more assurance for Season 2 of "Overlord".