Indian children
Over 60,000 children Abandoned Each Year in IndiaFlickr/Creative Common

The Justice Verma Committee report, which looked into the amendments of the present criminal law amendment in the wake of increasing number of crimes against women, included another shocking revelation which stated that "A lakh kids go missing every year. The police must file an FIR, DM should maintain records."

The committee which submitted its report last week noted that in India more than 60,000 children are being abandoned every year and most of these cases go unnoticed. According to IBN Live, the Verma committee cited examples of such incidents in the report.

The abandoned children have fallen victims to human trafficking and sexual violence. Many NGO's and the social activists pointed fingers to police inaction in such cases.

"Police hasn't done a thing to find him. I got a call from my son once but the police refused to act on it saying that it was a hoax call. Had they acted then, probably I would've had my son, but now I think I won't see him again," said a father of an 11-year old boy who went missing two years back.

According to the report, Delhi reported the highest number of missing cases as 14 children go missing every day. The NCRB estimated over 60,000 children are abandoned each year in the country.

"The police shuts the case saying that the child ran away and came back on his own. My question is what did the child do for four years? Someone must have employed him, why don't they probe it?", asked Activist AR Chaurasia.