ferry in bangkok
ferry in bangkokCreative Commons/Iloilo Wanderer

Over 60 people were injured after an explosion occurred on a ferry carrying 70 passengers in Thailand's capital Bangkok Saturday. No deaths have been reported so far.

The engine of the water taxi exploded as the boat approached Wat Thepleela Pier Saturday. Passengers jumped into the water fearing for their lives. However, the explosion still injured at least 60 people, the Associated Press quoted the police as saying. One Japanese male and two Myanmar women were also among the injured.

Two passengers have sustained serious injuries, Police Colonel Sarayut Chunnawat said according to Bangkok Post. The injured people have received burns on their body.

Meanwhile, Erawan Emergency Medical Centre in Bangkok has pegged the number of injured to 66.

Preliminary investigations indicate a gas leak in the rear part of the boat, Bangkok Post quoted Sanit Mahathavorn, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, as saying.

Water taxis in the city are used by tourists and locals. 

Engineers who build the ship are being questioned regarding safety norms and regular safety checks, the police said.

"We will set up a panel to look into the incident. As for reports of missing persons, divers have confirmed initially there were no victims in the water," Nat Chubchai, Deputy Director-General of the Marine Department told Bangkok Post.

Contact centres have been set up to enquire about the injured people.

The company that owns the ferry, Family Transport (2002) Co, has apologised for the incident and said that it would pay for medical claims of passengers injured in the blast. The company owns 70 ferries and said that they believe the fault was limited to one boat.

"Our staff are visiting the injured at hospitals. We sincerely apologise to the people and vow to find better preventive measures," said Managing Director Chaovalit Metayaprapas, Family Transport Co.