Sam Heughan

Photos from filming location of Outlander Season 3 confirm that Jamie and Claire reunite in the upcoming episode of the time travel drama. But their relationship will be tested as one picture shows them deep in argument.

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Pictures also revealed that Jamie hadn't let himself go since parting ways with Claire, as he seemed to be physically fit. Earlier Sam Heughan had joked about Jamie getting really fat when asked about playing an older Jamie. Click here to check out the picture.

"I'm thinking about getting really fat. I'm thinking eating a lot and not working out would be really good," he told Vulture. But he quickly added that the transformation will be more emotional than physical.

The previous season of the time travel drama ended with Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) returning to the future and reuniting with her first husband Frank. Jamie stayed behind to take part in the Battle of Culloden, and each of them lived thinking that the other had died. But the Season 2 finale saw Claire finding out that Jamie had survived the Battle of Culloden and she returns to reunite with him. But 20 years have gone by, and both Jamie and Claire have changed.

Season 3 will begin with the Battle of Culloden and it is based on writer Diana Gabaldon's third novel Voyager from her Outlander series. There will be a big change of scenery for Jamie and Claire in Season 3, showrunner Ronald Moore told Radio Times in a new interview. "I don't think I'm giving too much away, but the story of season 3 will start in Scotland. Then there's a sea voyage involved in the 18th century, an extended journey across the Atlantic, and then the story goes to Jamaica and the Caribbean and ending up in the New World," he said.

Outlander Season 3 is expected to air sometime in April.