The latest photos released by Entertainment Weekly of "Outlander" Season 2 showcases the show's stars Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) cuddled up intensely in each other's arms. CLICK HERE to watch all the photos released by the magazine.

However, fans will be disappointed to find out that in second season, Claire and Jamie will part ways and Claire will go back to the solitude she had got out of with so much pain and difficulty. According to Starz, the most beloved couple of the show will be snatched away from each other in the upcoming season.

Talking about the new costumes and elements in the next season, Balfe said: "I think this season is just a visual feast, especially when we're in France. The costumes are incredible, whereas last year it was kind of earthy and muted. This year is so incredibly stunning and vivid. It feels like a very different world but we still have Jamie and Claire at the centre of it, so there's a lot of familiarity as well."

Heughan also hinted at some of the new interesting additions to Season 2. "I have really been looking forward to the culmination of season two. The Battle of Culloden, I think, is a really major part of Scottish and British history, so that's really exciting to look forward to, but before we get there, there are some pretty epic scenes," he said.

In other news, Sophie Skelton has been confirmed she will play the role of Jamie and Claire's daughter Brianna. Balfe said it was fun to explore Claire's maternal side.

"For Claire, the biggest thing for her is she becomes a mother, and dealing with that impending event is just great. She really has to grapple with a lot of emotions and figure out how she feels about being a mother and what that's going to mean to her," Balfe explained. "And as for her relationship with Jamie, the focus is on how they rebuild after all the pain that they went through at the end of last season."