Saturday's episode of "Outlander" will see Jamie and Claire's relationship being tested after something or someone from the past rears its ugly head. The episode is titled "Untimely Resurrection" and it is likely that Black Jack Randall, who was recently revealed to be alive, will make an appearance in the episode.

Jack Randall's brother Alex is in a hot mess following allegation that he tried to rape Mary, and it could be this that brings Jamie's nemesis to Paris. However, fans can expect a completely different Jack, as the events of Season 1 have made him vulnerable.

"We are going to meet a slightly less confident Jack in the second season," Tobias Menzies told The Hollywood Reporter. "That's partly due to the injuries that he incurred, but I also imagine there were probably some disciplinary fallout from the events of Wentworth for him. He's not the same person anymore. It's a nice reveal when he finally does turn up, and it's in a very surprising place, but I can't say when and where and how that happens."

It remains to be seen how Black Jack Randall's presence in Paris is going to affect Jamie, who was brutally raped by the knight. Jamie has vowed to not let his need for revenge interfere with his plans to stop the Jacobite rebellion, but it seems unlikely that he'll be able to let go of the past.

"The fact that Black Jack is still alive gives Jamie hope again," Sam Heughan told The Hollywood Reporter. "That gives him the power to once again take control of his destiny and of his life. That finally rids him of the nightmare that is Black Jack Randall. It's strange that the salvation of Jamie comes in the form of the very thing that injured him. It leads to some really dramatic stuff later on this season."

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