Next week's episode of Starz's "Outlander" will see the Frasers dealing with someone from their past.

Jamie now knows that his nemesis Black Jack Randall is alive and this has given him a new purpose in life. Besides altering the course of history, Jamie's energy is also focused on seeking revenge for what Tobias Menzies' character did to him in the previous season. And he might get his chance in the next episode titled "Untimely Resurrection."

The synopsis for next Saturday's episode states that Jamie and Claire's relationship will be put to test when the past rears its ugly head, and it seems likely that Black Jack will return to disrupt Claire and Jamie's relationship in the fifth episode of the season. But he will not be the same person he was in Season 1, Menzies revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "He's not the same person anymore. It's a nice reveal when he finally does turn up, and it's in a very surprising place, but I can't say when and where and how that happens."

Elsewhere in the episode, fans will see Jamie and Claire trying to clear up the mess from their dinner party, which did not go as planned. Their first cause of concern is Alex, who has been wrongly arrested for raping Mary. Besides wanting justice, Claire knows that freeing Alex is crucial for the continuation of the Randall line.  

Moving forward, fans will see Mary and Alex's romance blooming, but it will be his evil brother who ends up settling down with her. "This actually happens towards the end of the season, around episode 12," Menzies said about Black Jack Randall and Mary's wedding. As readers of Diana Gabaldon's "Dragonfly in Amber" know, Jack ends up marrying Mary after his dying brother requests him to take on the responsibility for Mary.

"It's the one thing that Jack doesn't feel able to do because he fears his own nature and whether he'll be able to do right by this tiny, vulnerable woman. You see Jack wrestling with both who he is and his own nature and trying to do right by the one person he cares about in the world, which is his brother," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Outlander" airs 9 p.m. EDT on Starz.