The penultimate episode of Starz's "Outlander" was indeed a shocker, and fans are still recovering from Black Jack Randall's torture of Jamie.

However, the torture is far from over, and according to E!Online's spoiler chat, the finale will include graphic scenes as it will feature Jamie recounting to Claire what actually happened inside Wentworth prison.

The previous episode saw Black Jack saving Jamie from the noose, but in return he wanted Jamie to surrender himself both mentally and physically. In the next episode, Claire will succeed in rescuing Jamie from prison, and the season will end on a bright note.

"The worst is yet to come...But for you who have been asking, YES, the season does end on a positive note. It is not all doom and gloom and the final moments really set up with season two will be about. A storyline decidedly different than what you've seen so far—and will see—in Wentworth prison, with Black Jack Randall (shudder)," E!Online reported.

The finale of "Outlander" is entitled "To Ransom a Man's Soul," and Sam Heughan, who essays the role of Jamie, revealed that there will be a big reveal in the season one finale. He also said that the big reveal in the finale will affect Jamie's life forever.

While the first half of the season saw Jamie and Claire establishing their relationship, the second half of the season tested their romance. But the fight is not yet over. Jamie and Claire will reportedly "enter into a strange place" by the end of the current season and the momentum will continue in the next season as well, Heughan told Collider in a recent interview.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "A desperate plan manages to free Jamie, but his wounds are more than just physical. At a nearby monastery, Claire attempts to save both Jamie's heart and soul, as his mind lingers on the torture."