The next episode of Starz's "Outlander" will see Claire and Geillis standing trial for witchcraft, and along with fans Claire will also get to see a different side of her good friend, Geillis.

According to the official synopsis of the 11th episode of the season titled "The Devil's Mark" "Claire learns a secret about Geillis' past as Jamie attempts a rescue."

While it's too soon to say what the secret is, actress Lotte Verbeek said fans will soon see her character in a very different way. "For my character particularly, Geillis, she's going to be really surprising. You're going to see a side of her you haven't seen before. Things are going to heat up quite a bit," she said, according to E!Online.

In last week's episode Claire witnessed her friend dancing nearly naked in a ritual similar to what she and Frank witnessed at Craig na Dun in the 1940s. Immediately after the ritual Geillis reveals to Claire that she is pregnant with Dougal MacKenzie's child and that the dance was a "summoning" so that she can be with Dougal.

Surprisingly, Dougal's wife dies shortly after the ritual and Geillis' husband Arthur chokes and then collapses at a dinner for the duke. Although Claire attempts to revive him, her efforts fail to bring him back to life and Claire witnesses Geillis' glee at her husband's death.

On what's next for her character Verbeek said Geillis' "ballsy" actions will increase as the season progresses, and fans will soon get to know the motive behind her actions.

"As much as she's described as a charming, lovely person to meet at first, Geillis goes really far in order to get what she wants and the way she does it is very ballsy," Verbeek told The Hollywood Reporter. "She definitely did risk [being victim] to that stuff and she almost seems to take joy in taking those risks. It's almost sadistic."

"From the get-go, you feel like she's on to something and it takes a little while for that be revealed but that was cool to discover that and what her passion actually is."

"Outlander" airs Saturdays on Starz.