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"Outlander" is approaching its mid-season finale. With the showcase of one of the biggest weddings on television, fans will be very eager to know about Claire's life. Interestingly, potential spoilers of episode 8 have suggested that Claire will be torn between her two marriages.

Claire got married to Jamie Fraser to protect herself from Black Jack in episode 7.

It is reported that Claire will try to focus on her previous life and try to go back home. However, she could be given a lifetime opportunity which can alter one of her relationships forever, according to reports.

"Outlander" episode 8 will be called "Both Sides Now." The episode may also show Claire's first husband Frank looking for her. Frank played by Tobias Menzies has been on a look out for Claire since she mysteriously disappeared. It is reported that he will come to know that his wife has ran away with somebody.

Meanwhile, it is also being said Clair and Jamie's wedding was inspired by Terry Dresbach, costume designer of showrunner Ronald D. Moore and the Starz drama.

"The audience would go, 'Oh, shit! We missed it!'" Moore explained about the wedding scene to Vulture , which was juxtaposed with the flashbacks, adding, "so you didn't feel too claustrophobic being in the room forever with the two characters just talking and having sex."

Moore wanted to add more meat to the wedding night so that it doesn't end up with just sex between the leads.

"Outlander" is about a married nurse who gets transported back into time and marries a Scottish warrior. The series is based on the book written by Diana Gabaldon, who agreed on how the wedding night should be projected on TV. She said readers are with the characters through out the night in the book but more engaging and layered narrative was needed on the screen to hook the viewers.

"The structure of that was just brilliant," said Diana Gabaldon of the flashbacks, including the story of dress and the ring, adding, "Do you actually remember your own wedding day?' creators makes Fraser ask to let the sex develop naturally."

"I had a way to break some of the tension, let the air out of it, get outside the room, and come back," she added.