London 2012 Olympics reuters

Winning medals at the international sports events will now become important for more reason than one. The government in a meeting on Thursday evening has decided to grant 'out of turn' promotions to the outstanding sportspersons in world level and to their handlers.

According to the new policy, the medal winning sportspersons in international sports events like Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships are eligible for three out of turn promotions in their service careers.

The sportsperson bagging a medal or more in a Game/Team Events/Championships in a particular year will be eligible for an out of turn promotion in that year.

Further record-breaking medal winning performance in National Games will also be considered for one out of turn promotion during the service career.

Meanwhile, the coaches of the winning team or winning players of a particular game will be awarded two out of turn promotions recognising their efforts in modelling such successful sportspersons for the country.

This would be in addition to the monetary reward scheme of the Government already in existence for all medal winners in international sports events and their coaches where the quantum of monetary rewards for individuals is up to Rs. 50 lakh.

The scheme for out-of-turn promotion to sportspersons and coaches will be framed by Department of Personnel and Training (DoP&T).

The government believe that this scheme will help in improving the performance of individual sportsperson and play a big role in promotion of sports among the masses.

The out of turn promotion to a coach will encourage formation of pool of talent within government organizations which can be effectively utilized for training sportspersons. The proposed policy will cover all the sportspersons working with Central Government Ministries and Department.