Kevin Pietersen doesn't believe his England career is over.Reuters

Kevin Pietersen, the swashbuckling batsman who was discarded by the English cricketing establishment, is hopeful of making a comeback into the English squad.

Pietersen, who has 23 Test hundreds, was at the Lord's cricket ground to take part in an exhibition match between the Marlyebourne Cricket Club and The Rest of the World.

KP, as he is affectionately known, threw light on his desire and chances of making a comeback, at the exhibition match. While not sounding confident about his chances, the batsman insisted he had not given up on playing for his country again in the future.

"I don't think it might happen but I live in hope every day, I am only 34, I am still young, I can still play. I got a good resume. If things change one day then I will gladly take the opportunity because I love playing for England, " said the Surrey batsman, according to the Guardian.

He insisted he is far from retired and he stil hopes for a phone call to come his way asking him to play, as he still has the energy and interest to turn out for England.

The South-African born Pietersen, whose dashing style of batsmanship powered England to many a victory, has fallen out of favour with the selectors who think of him as a disruptive influence in the dressing room. Pietersen's outlook toward batting and cricket some saw to be radically different from that of some of the other English players, most notably skipper Alastair Cook.

His somewhat unorthodox manner of doing things was thought to be frowned upon in some quarters of the orthodox English cricketing establishment. There was a suggestion of him playing some county cricket for Surrey to show that he remains committed towards a comeback. Pietersen, though, does not share that particular point of view, with the right-hander clear in his opinion that it was not his batting form which led to his axe following the Ashes debacle.

"No. Cricket has never been the issue here. Cricket is not the issue. I've played 104 Test matches. I have enough runs to my name. It's not cricket that is the problem," Pietersen added.

Captain Cook and Pietersen reportedly do not see eye to eye. Pietersen has been critical of Cook's style of captaincy in the horrific 5-0 whitewash to Australia. Cook is perceived to have had a hand in Pietersen's removal. On Saturday however Pietersen did not speak about what went on between him and Cook.