The 2021 Academy Awards function will not have a virtual meet and the team will conduct an "in-person" award show. The Variety reported that the virtual award ceremony for April 25 has been turned down. Exactly how it has been happening for the longest time, the Oscar Award ceremony will take place in Dolby Theatres in Los Angeles. Before the entire pandemic situation, as many as 3,400 people were seated in the hall. 

Artists paint Oscar statues for the 89th Annual Academy Awards on February 20, 2017, In Hollywood, California.Getty images

Earlier in June this year, the Academy had pushed back the dates of the show by two months, from its original date of the ceremony, which was usually on February end. The eligibility period for new films has also been moved from December 31 to February 28. In 2020, this decision was taken due to the coronavirus pandemic and this is the fourth time in the history of Oscar ceremonies when the dates of the award function have been pushed back.

The first time Oscars were halted from being telecast on the original month of release had been in the year 1938 when Los Angeles faced a flood situation. In 1968 due to the assassination of Martin Luther King, the ceremony was pushed back. In 1981, when there was an attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan dates were shuffled again.

Since the various film did not come in the hall on their given date of release, such as Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, Tenet, No Time To Die, Top Gun: Maverick, the Academy had extended the eligibility criteria. 

The Oscar board has guaranteed that there will be 10 Best Picture nominated in 2021 and this will be continued further to allow cultural diversity. In 2020, the South Korean film Parasite became the first non-Hollywood film to win an Oscar.