Leonardo DiCaprio

In one of the most bizarre news from Oscars 2017, Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio was said to have made an eyebrow artist fly half way across the globe to help him look good for the event. Taking male grooming to another level, it was reported by Sydney Morning Herald that the Oscar-winning actor flew Australian "eyebrow artist to the stars" Sharon Lee Hamilton from Sydney to Los Angeles to attend to a few celebrities' eyebrows before the 2017 Oscars.

However, sources close to the actor confirm to International Business Times India, that the news holds no truth. The actor did not contract this person, neither did he pay for her travel or use her services, the source confirmed. 

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The rumour was also dismissed by Gossip Cop as their sources told them, "It's all untrue. Hamilton did not trim, wax or do anything to DiCaprio's eyebrows before he handed the Best Actress Oscar to Emma Stone. A mutual friend of Gossip Cop and DiCaprio's assures us it's complete 'BS,'" the website reports.

Gossip Cop also highlighted that there are no comments from the artist in any paper. "Hamilton does not actually tell the paper she was flying to Los Angeles to do DiCaprio's brows for the Academy Awards. There's not one single quotation from her specifically about the actor. Instead, the way the article was written seemingly gives the impression that Hamilton flew around 15 hours from Sydney to Hollywood to pamper DiCaprio at a tremendous cost," they explain.

But who is Sharon Lee Hamilton? She is a renowned name in Hollywood. Based out of Australia, Hamilton's brow consultation costs $200 for men. According to her website, she also provides services including eyelash tint as well as a glycolic infused collagen eye treatment plus a full heated paraffin hand treatment and a light eye makeup application.

DiCaprio took the centre stage on Sunday at the Oscars 2017 to present the Best Actress award to Emma Stone, who won the award for her performance in the musical movie, La La Land.