The South Korean film 'Parasite' made waves around the world, as it went on to gain international recognition for its plot and won numerous coveted awards, including the Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globe, the list is endless. What was even more impressive was that it was the first non-English film to make this sort of impact on the West.

While the reaction to 'Parasite' has been mostly positive as the film continues to garner more accolades, there is a section that is crying foul over the movie. Now, the producer of Minsara Kanna, PL Thenappan is planning to sue the makers of the Oscar-winning film and has been vocal about taking legal action.

'Parasite' versus 'Minsara Kanna' two films, same plot?

The dark comedy thriller 'Parasite' directed by Bong Joon-Ho, starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam is centred on a family scheming to become part of a wealthy household through deceit and entering as highly qualified individuals. The film received positive reviews for the filmmaking, acting and smart plot. The film though has come under the scanner for being similar in plot to Minsara Kanna, the 1999 Tamil film starring Vijay

Minsara Kanna, on the other hand, focusses on the love story between Kannan played by Vijay and Indira played by Monica Castellino. In this film, Vijay enters Indira's house pretending to be somebody else in order to convince her to be with him. While the basic plot of the two films looking at the class conflict appears to be similar, it would be hard to discern whether the two films are exactly the same. 

Further, PL Thenappan has been considering seriously taking the accusation forward. He also informed the media that he will hire an international lawyer and take the legal route in this regard. Previously KS Ravikumar also spoke about how he was happy he had chosen to make an Oscar-worthy film twenty years ago. 

The public verdict regarding Parasite and Minsara Kanna

The debate continues and makers of the two films decide whether or not to sort it out. In the meantime, fans and audiences on Twitter are expressing their views on the issue.

There are many who believe the similarities are clear and evident:

However, there are those who think not:

Will 'Parasite' now have to make amends or will the issue blow over? Only time will tell.