After being imprisoned for around 12 months in a prison in South Africa for culpable homicide in connection to the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius has been released from jail and has been placed under under house arrest.

The Olympian was originally sentenced to five years in jail, but now, after spending almost a year in Kgosi Mumpuru prison, he will serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest.

Pistorius was granted house arrest last week by a South Africa parole board. Pistorius will stay at his uncle's place for the next four years in Pretoria. During his house arrest, which will be till October 2019, Pistorious will have to follow strict guidelines.

Pistorius was originally scheduled to be released from prison on Tuesday, but was released late on Monday, so that the media attention would be at a minimum.

"Oscar Pistorius was placed under correctional supervision tonight," correctional services department spokesman Manelisi Wolela said in a statement on Monday evening.

"The handling of the actual placement is an operational matter of the local management, and how they handle it is their prerogative that is carried out in the best interest of all parties concerned, the victims, the offender and the Department of Correctional Services."

Prior to the unfortunate incident, Pistorius was one of the most-liked athletes on the international circuit, especially after the South African, as a double-amputee athlete, participated in the 2012 London Olympics.