Richard E.Grant
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Richard E Grant, who was nominated for the Academy Award for 'Best Supporting Actor' for 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' that also stars Melissa McCarthy, is having the time of his life. This is the British actors' first Oscar nomination and he is clearly very excited about it. And what better way to show his excitement by fooling around the red carpet.

Richard's sense of humour took a toll, or rather troll on Ryan Seacrest, whose dumbfound interpretation to joke that the 'Withnail and I' actor quipped about him having a baby with Melisa McCarthy. The 44-year-old American Idol host was confused and for a second believed him that Melisa McCarthy was indeed pregnant with Richard's twins.

"She's having my twins in August," Richard joked when he was asked about how did the two gel together. To which Ryan confusingly asks, "She's what?" and Richard assures him, now just playing the card, "She's having my twins in August."

Now things get worse as Ryan now asks him again in complete amazement, "What do you mean?" The response from Ryan was so prompt and genuine that it was pure comedy and the world laughed on him too.

Twitter has been filled with status updates that point out how Americans are just not cut out for sarcasm and that the British are still heading that department.

"Jesus. Seacrest was EXCRUCIATING with Richard E Grant. #oscars2019," one user said. While others pointed out how Seacrest was just not cut out for Richard's sense of humour.