Oscar 2014: ‘Gravity’ Receives Honor from NASA
Oscar 2014: ‘Gravity’ Receives Honor from NASA Facebook/Gravity

The 86th Academy Award on Sunday 2 March 2014 was a spacey night as "Gravity" ruled the night with seven awards. The movie cast and crew members received high appreciation from the space agency, NASA.

NASA congratulated the movie for bringing the life in space to the common man. The movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney also had International Space Station as main star and introduced the activities that take place in the space, about 240 miles above the ground.

"Of course, nothing beats the real thing here in space, but we want to congratulate the entire production, direction team and stars of "Gravity" for the honors they've earned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in bringing this ultimate in extreme environments to movie-goers around the world. "Well done!" Rick Mastracchio, a NASA astronaut, said in a video from the space station.

While "Gravity" picked the Oscar awards, NASA honored the film by releasing some amazing pictures of real gravity that resembled clips from the movie.

Check for the pictures in NASA twitter page.

"Gravity" directed by Alfonso Cuaron, revolved around two astronauts who find themselves lost in the space and their struggle to survive after being hit and destroyed by space remains.

The movie depicts the space agency's work in protecting astronauts and space vehicles from any dangers. Be it tough situation that include spacewalking, decompression or fire within the space station, NASA is all prepared to fight such issues.

The success of the movie is fairly attributed to the real life astronauts who fight and survive several difficulties in the space. Bullock, prior to making the film was briefed about life in space and the microgravity involved in it by the astronaut, Candy Coleman.

"I told her that I had long hair, and if you pulled a hair out and pushed it against something, you could move yourself across the space station. That's how little force it takes," explained Coleman.

This is for the first time that a science fiction film like "Gravity" was listing in the top category in Oscars. The movie received the best director award, best original source, best film editing, best cinematography, best sound editing, best production design, best sound mixing and best visual effects.

Check Out the Video as Astronauts Congratulate "Gravity"