Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren
Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren.PR Handout

Vijay Sethupathi is one of the few actors in Kollywood who does not have qualms about working with newcomers. He has once again teamed up with a debutant, P Arumugakumar, for the movie Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren.

It is a multi-starrer that also has Gautham Karthik, Niharika Konidela (niece of Telugu Megastar Chiranjeevi), Gayathrie and Ramesh Thilak.

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren has Sree Saravanan's editing and R Govindraaj's music. Justin Prabhakaran has scored the music. A few songs from the film, including Yae Elumba Enni Enni, has struck a chord with listeners.

As the title of the Tamil movie indicates, it is a rib-tickling comedy. Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren is set in the backdrop of a tribal village in the forest and as well as in a city.

Vijay Sethupathi, who will be seen in eight different avatars, plays Yaman, the head of a tribal group and gang of thieves in Andhra Pradesh. Although they are robbers, they believe in humanity, which adds a unique layer to the storyline.

Yaman stays in both the city and the village. Gautham Karthik plays a college student named Harish. What happens when they come face to face forms the crux of the story.

The trailer and the promos of Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren have impressed viewers. With a lot of success behind Vijay Sethupathi, who has preferred not become typecast, filmgoers have a strong reason to keenly wait for the release of his latest flick.


The movie has opened to fairly positive reviews. The netizens have claimed the movie to be a "jolly ride" and hailed the performance of Vijay Sethupathi. However, a section of the viewers felt that the comedy portions fail to evoke any response. Here, find the viewers' response to the flick:

Manobala Vijayabalan

#ONNPS 3.5/5: Good. Unique attempt which has come out well with great performance by #VijaySethupathi,@Gautham_Karthik, Daniel & other supporting cast. Enjoyable songs & BGM. Top notch camera work in low light areas. Lengthy dialogue & 1 liners r impressive. All class entertainer

Surendhar MK

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren @Danielanniepope's best role. Director @Aaru7Cs has utilized him perfectly. #VijaySethupathi's wacky humor stands out on certain occasions. @justin_tunes once again leaves his stamp with a nice scoring effort.

Haricharan Pudipeddi

#OruNallaNaalPathuSolren is insanely fun in parts. A comedy of errors where both @Gautham_Karthik and #VijaySethupathi score on several occasions. Niharika makes a decent debut. Takes guts to experiment with such a whacky subject in his directorial debut @Aaru7Cs

Kaushik LM

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #ONNPS - Wacky, outlandish comedy. Experimental attempt by @aaru7cs, set in the forest & city. All actors have done well. #Niharika makes a confident debut. @Gautham_Karthik's over the top funny antics & #VijaySethupathi's dialogues, makeovers stand out!


#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren: @justin_tunes does a good job, also liked the work on the sets by the art team. Technically quite strong.
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren: A quirky, different experiment in the comic genre. Vijay Sethupathy unleashing his antics with various getups, his 4-minute dialogue gets a rousing response. Out of them all, Daniel stands out with his comic timing!

Siva Chidambaram

First half not worthy. Second half you will enjoy a lot. #VijaySethupathi as yemen done well.
Few comedy scenes worked many scenes didn't.
Heroine cute dialogues #avnubava.Overall- Ok but not bad. !!! #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren

S Abishek

Staying true to the genre' the entire first half of #orunallanaalpaathusolren concentrates on explaining the premise!
@Danielanniepope scores well with his one liners! @Gautham_Karthik gels with the dark comedy!
@Aaru7Cs uses superficial elements to create interest!


Finished #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren . Jolly ride. Lead actors and supporting actors does well. If you love Moodar koodam, Jil Jung juk.. kind of movies surely you will like this. Vj sethupathy and Gautham karthick shows all the way. B& C doubt. A centre may clicks Box office

Christopher Kanagaraj

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - New team has tried to deliver a different movie. Can appreciate d attempt & efforts made. Vijay Sethupathy is thr in the entire film, but no scope to perform. Gud debut from Niharika, Liked d music. Comedy scenes completely falls flat. Not my cup of T!


#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - Vijay Sethupathi 's four minutes single take scene is a laugh riot in the second half, he is in tremendous form for sure
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - A whacky black comedy film. No commercial compromise from director @aaru7cs. Gutsy attempt by Vijay Sethupathi and @Gautham_Karthik. If you are a fan of this genre, you may end up liking it. Full review soon


#ONNPS First Half - Romba Sumaar Moonji Kumaaru Danny's one liners click in places. Expecting the movie to have more of fun in the second half.
#ONNPS First Half - Who said #VijaySethupathi is doing a guest role?
He keeps the show alive. The interval block looks like the second half is going to be #MakkalSelvan show all the way.

Prashanth Rangaswamy

You need right attitude and approach to do what you have done in #orunallanaalpaathusolren @Gautham_Karthik brother. No ego nothing, just sticking to the character and playing it very sincerely. This dedication will take you places brother !
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren interval - Some makers say that they have tried differently and do nothing. But @Aaru7Cs is bold enough to come up with a really different movie. Enjoying every bit of it. Not sure how Vijay Sethupathi selects such different / Fresh scripts

Review Ram

#ONNPS - Interval - Simplistic plot moves slowly. Comedy works only in very few parts as the situations lacks strength. #VijaySethupathi's screen presence is funky and uplifts the flow, @justin_tunes's BGM is superb unique.
'Average' so far. @Aaru7Cs @Gautham_Karthik


#Onnps #OruNallaNaalPathuSolren 3.5/5 A total fun ride with the entire Gang. #VijaySethupathi as Yeman brings in fresh Antics n stunning one liners. Support cast Dany is awesome . Laughed out Loud. @Gautham_Karthik n vjs combo works big
#OruNallaNaalPathuSolren #ONNPS #Orunallanaalpaathusolren 3.5/5 Saw Dubai premiere yesterday. Jolly fun ride with a Quirky new premise. #VijaySethupathi one liners, screen Presence, n the 4 minute VJS cracker scene, Dany Awesome . Enjoyed a jolly roller coaster ride

Thilak Kumar

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #ONNPS 3.5/5 Done watching Dubai premiere. Totally loved it. Quirky, Whacky Entertainer. Laugh Riot. Fun filled. #VijaySethupathi n @Gautham_Karthik have rocked it big time. Superb Debut by @Aaru7Cs . Mighty impressive ✌. VJS Rockstar !!

Sunil Puli

#ONNPS #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #VijaySethupathi's antics, 4 minute dialogue and Dany's one liners are gonna trend big time. Solid response from crowd. Dany's best after Idharkuthaane. Vjs is a master in selecting fresh scripts. Proved again. Semma.

Kamal Thirumalai

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #onnps 3.75/5 Credit to @Aaru7Cs for trusting a unique screenplay n presentating it very simply with loads of funny situations n comedy. Solid debut. #VijaySethupathi n his one liners . Gautham Karthik's best till date. Vjs vera level ✌

Gopi Sendurpandian

#onnps purely laughing riot.. @i_vijaysethu as usual Vera lvl performance. @Gautham_Karthik @Aaru7Cs superb, you will go heights. @justin_tunes too good bgm and songs.. sure shot blockbuster.. must watch..