Tamil movie "Oru Naal Koothu" is a multi-starrer movie, written and directed by Nelson Venkatesan. It is an emotional-comedy film that stars Dinesh, Mia George, Miss India-UAE Nivedha and Ritvika of "Madras" fame.

Karunakaran, Bala Saravanan, Ramesh Thilak, Charlie, Ramdoss and others are in the cast. The movie has Gokul's cinematography and VJ Sabu Joseph's editing. Justin Prabhakaran has scored the music.

"Oru Naal Koothu" explores the journey of three girls played by Lakshmi (Mia George), Susheela (Ritvika) and Kavya (Nivedha). It deals with the importance given to the marriage in our society.

Mia George plays the role of a homely girl from Trichy, Ritvika enacts the character of a radio jockey and Nivedha will be seen as a software professional. All three have their own problems.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

Mia George is not able to find a proper groom to settle as her father (Nagineedu) rejects prospects one after the other for some reasons. As she works in the field of media and has a dark complexion, Ritvika is unable to find a suitable boy. On the other hand, Kavya's husband-to-be Raj (Dinesh)'s inferiority complex is creating a lot of issues in their relationship. What happens when they are under pressure forms the crux of the story.

The movie has opened to positive reviews from the audience and critics. Find their response to the film here:

Ramesh tweeted: #OruNaalKoothu [3/5]: Dir #NelsonVenkatesan - Writer #SankarDas hv given a fresh treatment to the subject of "Marriage" - Youth will relate
#OruNaalKoothu [3/5]: Music Composer #JustinPrabhakaran 's songs are pleasant to hear.. His BGM also stands out.. 2 hrs 14mins Crisp Editing
#OruNaalKoothu [3/5]: Newcomer @nivethapethuraj makes a good debut.. #Rithvika as RJ has done well.. @actorkaruna 's supporting role is good
#OruNaalKoothu [3/5]: #Dinesh has tried something different and plays a IT Professional.. #MiaGeorge has a meaty role and does well..
#OruNaalKoothu [3/5]: A Contemporary take on today's "Getting Married" process.. Laced with Good Humor.. 3 Parallel Tracks.. Novel Attempt..

Prashanth: Done watching #OruNaalKoothu - commercial movie with a difference. Will touch every ones life. Very happy and satisfied.

Kaushik (LMK): Kaushik (LMK): #OruNaalKoothu - 3 /5..Another film with KB-like female characters with much importance. A topical tale on marriages which all can relate to
#OruNaalKoothu - 3/5.. @nivethapethuraj looks classy, stylish and makes a decent debut. Her IT romance with Dinesh is filled with turbulence
#OruNaalKoothu - 3/5.. Nice support parts for @actorkaruna, Charlie, @BalasaravananAR & few others. They provide comedy and substance too.
#OruNaalKoothu - 3/5.. Superb work by @justintheheaven, Gokul Benoy. Technically rich despite moderate budgets. @selva_kenanya
#OruNaalKoothu - 3/5.. @Riythvika and Mia George are the twin towers. Unmarried women in their late 20s can totally relate to their stories
#OruNaalKoothu - 3/5..A bold, detailed film on marriages, where the climax is open to debate. @nelsonvenkat has three different story tracks

Sreedhar Pillai: #OruNaalKoothu - 3.25/5. Music of #Justin is another +, nice melody "Adiyae Azhage". Downside - a bit of a contrived ending . Well packaged
#OruNaalKoothu 3.25/5.#Dinesh needs 2 get out of #Cuckoo trance, #RameshThilak & #BalaSaravanan make U laugh. #Charly chronic bachelor super
#OruNaalKoothu 3.25/5.Pivot around which film revolves r the females - #Nivetha knockout performance, #Rithvika outstanding & #Mia fantastic
#OruNaalKoothu 3.25/5. Neat realistic film on relationships told in entertaining manner by #Nelson Strong female characters & fab writing.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #OruNaalKoothu a very entertaining and relatable film about all the hulabaloo surrounding modern-day weddings. Female leads steal the show.