Ex serviceman death
The ex-serviceman is believed to have written a letter to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar over the disparity in pension payments.Twitter/ANI

The government of India is mulling over creating a central mechanism to monitor and disburse pensions to army men after the shocking suicide of a former subedar, Ram Kishan Grewal. He was not getting the correct amount according to the changes made in the One Rank One Pension scheme. 

Grewal reportedly received Rs 25,000 as pension after 30 years and nine months of service whereas he was entitled to Rs 28,000. 

Officials are reportedly brainstorming over forming a central mechanism to double the amount given to Army pensioners as many banks have not calculated the amount correctly. They are also working on instructions for calculating the pension amount. 

Grewal had not received the correct amount to delay in calculations by an SBI bank in Bhiwani district, Haryana. Defence Ministry said that they might station officials to ensure that the calculations are done correctly. 

After many protests by army veterans, the Indian government had reworked the pension scale and disbursed Rs 5,507 crore in two instalments to over 19 lakh of the 20.63 lakh retired servicemen.

"Only around 95,000 pensioners are yet to get their dues due to documentary and other problems," said an official.

In arrears, the government will be spending Rs 10,925 crore, while annually they will be spending Rs 7,489 crore for pensions.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had assured pensioners that those who have not received pension until now is due to documentation problems and it will released in the next two months.